[cairo] cairo listed on Update-Scout.com

Peter Kullmann kullmann at elementec.de
Fri Dec 8 03:04:19 PST 2006


cairo has just been added to Update-Scout.com, an interactive web
service, that informs its users about software updates and releases.
Users can set up personal update news feeds from the Update-Scout
software catalog and even add new entries to the catalog.
The address is http://www.update-scout.com .

The current version number is retrieved from the cairo web site. We
currently use http://cairographics.org/releases/ . If there is a better
possibility to automatically check for the version number (e.g.
PAD file; any http/ftp request plus regex is possible), we would be
grateful for this information.

Thanks for your support,

Peter Kullmann

elementec Software & Consulting
Dr. Peter Kullmann
Wollgrasweg 49, 70599 Stuttgart, Germany
Tel +49 - 711 - 4510 17 350
Fax +49 - 711 - 4510 17 222
info at update-scout.com

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