[cairo] What might be SWT's problem?

Elfi Heck eheck at intarsys.de
Mon Dec 11 02:52:25 PST 2006

Hi Dan,

> > I had recently posted to the Eclipse SWT newsgroup because when 
running on a
> > system with Cairo 1.2 installed, images will not be draw anymore after
> > graphics mode is set to "advanced" (which means Cairo will actually be
> > used). This works on a system with Cairo 1.0.

> Thanks for the heads up. If you have any screenshots,
They would only show a white background :-).

> it would help us
> diagnose the problem, as nothing immediately comes to mind (for me at
> least). Also, if you could outline the steps to reproduce behavior, or
> even filling out a bug report, that would be awesome:

> https://bugs.freedesktop.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=cairo
OK, done. #9302

> > I had also reported an SWT bug before because drawing with 
> > and clipping set wasn't working as expected. This particular problem 
is gone
> > with 1.2, but I have different issues with clipping now.

> This is likely a different problem, so a separate bug report with
> similar info would be appreciated.
Yes I think so too, but I haven't been able so far to get the problems 
down to a small test case. It only manifests when doing rather complex 
clipping and transformation combinations. 

Thanks, Elfi
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