[cairo] Cario in Visual Basic

Jelmer Baas Baas at speerit.nl
Tue Dec 12 07:02:46 PST 2006

Hello List,

For a CAD-like program made in Visual Basic, I'm looking for an object
which allows me to draw lines very quickly. After reading about Cairo, I
got interested.

Would there be any way to use the objects in VB? I can't register the
DLLs and can't use the LIBs, so I have no idea where to start ...

If you help me get started, I will translate the include files to VB and
post them so that Cairo can ship them, too. (Perhaps with a simple

If anything needs to be changed in the current code of Cairo, I don't
believe it's much work, right?

Any help would be appreciated.

With kind regards,
Jelmer Baas
Speer IT B.V.

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