[cairo] Patch for cairo - high resolution images in PDF surface.

Dr. Michael J. Chudobiak mjc at avtechpulse.com
Tue Dec 12 07:13:04 PST 2006

Claudio Saavedra wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-12-08 at 14:08 -0200, Ivan Baldo wrote:
>>     The  gdk_cairo_set_source_pixbuf (cr, pixbuf, 0, 0); call should
>> be 
>> made before the pattern = cairo_get_source (cr); call.
>>     You first set the source, then get the source and modify its 
>> properties, otherwise you are changing the properties of a source
>> that 
>> you will not use since you replaced it with set_source! 
> Thanks. I followed your advices, but this still doesn't change the fact
> that the image is being tiled.


I'm not sure what's going wrong in your code, but you might want to 
compare your code to the gThumb "draw_page" function at:


It prints to gtkprint at 300dpi.

- Mike

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