[cairo] Better coverage from cairo performance suite (and some results)

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Thu Dec 14 11:08:56 PST 2006

On Thu, 14 Dec 2006 19:19:53 +0100, "David Turner" wrote:
> as far as I remember all my optimisations were done by profiling/benchmarking
> the original "cairo-dock" application, i.e. the one that re-rendered each SVG
> icon on each step (instead of scaling high-resolution bitmaps).

Ah, that's right. And that original work of yours predated a lot of
what we have in cairo-perf. This will actually be nice to land as
MacSlow recently tried out a recent cairo snapshot and was
disappointed to not find as much speedup for cairo-dock as he had

>   as you already said, it'd be nice to have such paths in the performance
>   test suite. Only dealing with polygons is a bit limitating, in my
>   opinion

Yes, we definitely need some interesting splines, (we have one case
that strokes a circle now, but it's such a simple shape and uses a
stroke width so large that the cost of filling the region is likely
overwhelming any cost of approximating the splines).

> - the cairo_path_fill_extents and cairo_path_stroke_extents were massively
>   sped up, since they don't really need tesselation nor allocating large
>   polygon arrays to return meaningful results. I believe it accounted for
>   most of the speed up in this program's runtime.

Oh, yes, those are definitely important. I had forgotten that was in
your patchset, (the commit that introduces it has a commit message
that starts off talking about reducing memory allocation, so I
overlooked the important part in my last review).

> it might be interesting to create a cairo performance test based on the
> paths and operations found in cairo-dock. I'll try to see if I can extract
> these in a few weeks; I'll keep you informed.

That would be great. The dock is just using a few SVG files, so vector
data in those is generally just a simple search-and-replace away from
being cairo C code.

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