[cairo] Cario in Visual Basic

Jelmer Baas Baas at speerit.nl
Mon Dec 18 02:29:42 PST 2006

Daniel, List, 

After some more testing and many more crashes in VB, I can't seem to get
any results. I have the following code:


Private Declare Function cairo_version Lib "libcairo-2.dll" () As String
Private Declare Function cairo_version_string Lib "libcairo-2.dll" () As

Msgbox cairo_version
Msgbox cairo_version_string


No matter which one I call, VB6 crashes. Even just doing

Private Sub Command1_Click()
End Sub

Crashes VB. Any thoughts on this?

I put the libcairo-2.dll, libpng13.dll and zlib1.dll in each dir I can
think of, and I even installed Mono (because Cairo comes with that)...

Jelmer Baas

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