[cairo] RFC: duplicating, storing and serializing drawing operations

Nicolas George nicolas.george at ens.fr
Tue Dec 26 10:03:22 PST 2006

Le sextidi 6 nivôse, an CCXV, Rafael Villar Burke a écrit :
> Isn't your proposal related to what a canvas is or even to a canvas
> based widget system?
> You have some more information about this on
> http://log.ometer.com/2005-02.html or the goocanvas project.

That is funny: I knew about canvas widgets, but I never saw the similarity
between them and the interface I am looking for. There is indeed much
similarity. I think the main difference is in the focus of the API: the API
of a canvas is made to handle objects, and provide afterwards modification
options. The counterpart seems to be a heavier interface for simple
operations, like adding a segment to a path.

Thanks for pointing me in this direction.
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