[cairo] RFC: duplicating, storing and serializing drawing operations

Nicolas George nicolas.george at ens.fr
Tue Dec 26 10:08:30 PST 2006

Le sextidi 6 nivôse, an CCXV, Peter Weilbacher (Mozilla) a écrit :
> But can you not just use a plotting program? I know that many people are
> doing things like this using gnuplot (http://gnuplot.sf.net/) as a
> "library". With that you can issue plot commands and also data via
> popen(), although the data to plot is usually easier read from ASCII
> files.

Gnuplot is indeed a program that I sometimes use to get some graphic
feedback. But it is far from perfect. The two major drawbacks I see in this
method are:

- Display is not progressive, I can only get the result when all data is
  written, since Gnuplot waits for all the data before plotting.

- Adding marks or something on the graphics can be quite awkward, and even
  require some rework of the program flow.


  Nicolas George
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