[cairo] About cairo_show_text and UTF-8...

Mike Emmel mike.emmel at gmail.com
Sat Jan 7 08:20:58 PST 2006

On 1/7/06, Behdad Esfahbod <behdad at cs.toronto.edu> wrote:
> On Fri, 6 Jan 2006, Mike Emmel wrote:
> > I looked at it and there is no reason you can't come up with a much
> > smaller library then pango that has most of the functionality by
> > removing gobject dependency and only offering a fontconfig/cairo
> > solution. You don't need all the internal abstraction layers that
> > pango has to interact with a number of font systems. For pango it
> > should be trivial to wrap such a library.
> And most users don't want fontconfig dependency on win32/mac.

Cairo has the design that for each backend you provide a backend specific
implementation I did not mean that fontconfig would be the solution on win32/mac
just that for each platform or backend you may have a implementation
specific to that solution. Pango provides a pluggable abstraction
layer and is dependent on gobject mainly to support this abstraction
layer and to provide plugabble renderers. This can be removed if you
assume your working with a fixed implementation chosed at compile
Internally in pango any particular implementation of the pango api is
not that large.

For cairo I'm saying it makes sense to extract these core
implementation remove the gobject dependency and expose them as
directly linkable libraries.
Its already in pango just do a
ls pangocairo*  Once you make the PangoCairoRenderer a simple C struct
and not replaceable then the gobject dependency is basically gone
win32 vs fontconfig is already handled I guess ATSUI is not at least
in the code I have.

I worked on this already.


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