[cairo] Win32/OpenGL

Damian Dixon Damian.Dixon at tenet.co.uk
Mon Jan 16 03:03:22 PST 2006


The situation with Windows Vista and OpenGL is not very clear.

Currently it looks like if you want the new eye-candy in Vista you have
to use the M$ emulation (that may call Direct 3D).

If you want to use the Graphics Card vendors OpenGL then you lose the

Have a look at the discussions on www.opengl.org (top topic on the main

Please if you have concerns tell your graphics card provider and M$.
There may still be time to apply pressure on M$.

ATI and NVIDIA say they will provide a fully integrated solution if M$
provides them with the needed information. At present M$ is not being
very helpful.

So it looks like for now that DX and/or GDI/GDI+ backend would be
required for Cario, to keep the end-users happy (because they don't
know/understand the issues). Personally I would say lose the eye-candy
on Vista!

Currently we only support OpenGL and don't have any plans on Windows to
go down the Direct-X route. The cost to our Windows customers would be
too high to do the port.


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