[cairo] How can I draw with a cairo_surface_t?

Boris Popov boris at deepcovelabs.com
Mon Jan 23 11:06:55 PST 2006

Meryl Silverburgh wrote:
> If I have a cairo_surface_t *, how can I draw with it?
> the cairo draw functions take a "cairo_t".

You'll need to create cairo_t via cairo_create, which is


cairo_t*   cairo_create   (cairo_surface_t *target);

Creates a new cairo_t with all graphics state parameters set to default 
values and with target as a target surface. The target surface should be 
constructed with a backend-specific function such as 
cairo_image_surface_create() (or any other 
cairo_<backend>_surface_create variant).

This function references target, so you can immediately call 
cairo_surface_destroy() on it if you don't need to maintain a separate 
reference to it.

target :     target surface for the context
Returns :     a newly allocated cairo_t with a reference count of 1. The 
initial reference count should be released with cairo_destroy() when you 
are done using the cairo_t. This function never returns NULL. If memory 
cannot be allocated, a special cairo_t object will be returned on which 
cairo_status() returns CAIRO_STATUS_NO_MEMORY. You can use this object 
normally, but no drawing will be done.




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