[cairo] Cairomm examples / autotools

Jonathon Jongsma jonathon.jongsma at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 17:19:22 PST 2006

Now that we have multiple surface types wrapped in cairomm, I'm
working on adding a few examples / tests for different surfaces (e.g.
pdf, ps, svg, etc).  There already exists a single example (in the
examples/ directory) for writing a surface to png and it works fine.

The basic setup is that there is a subdirectory for each example
program.  These example programs link to the .la file in the cairomm

When I try to create a pdf example (attached is a patch to the
configure.in and examples/Makefile.am files and a tar.gz file to
extract into the examples/ directory), it compiles cleanly and without
complaint.  When I run the program, however, i get the following

$ ./example_pdf_file
symbol lookup error:
undefined symbol: cairo_pdf_surface_create

however, if I install cairomm (instead of linking to the .la file in
the working directory), and then build the example manually with the
following command:
$  g++ `pkg-config --cflags --libs cairomm-1.0` main.cc

I get:
$ ./a.out
Wrote PDF file "image.pdf"

Can anybody point me in the right direction?  What am I doing wrong here?
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