[cairo] Problem with printing

Patrik Mueller Paddi.M at gmx.net
Fri Jan 27 11:39:15 PST 2006

Hi again,

I've found some hints to the printing problem at the Antigrain mailing 
list. Perhaps it can help to fix the windows printing.



we had the same problem some time ago. It seems that it is
  very common for (windows) printer drivers NOT to implement BitBlt
  There are rumours about the existence of correct drivers, but I"ve seen
  none yet in the wild.
  I can perfectly understand, why:
  In order to get the output right, the driver would ultimately have to
  store all the
  information in a huge bitmap - yielding possibly >500 MB of data for large

  IIRC, our workaround was using SetDIBitsToDevice with banding,
  i.e. we split the printer DC into strips of say 800 lines and rendered
  the image for each strip seperately, sending the resulting "bands" to
  the printer device.

  So I perceive two options for you:
  - find that magical "working" driver (in which case I"d be interested in
  - use some kind of workaround

  >>But, this does not work when printing, all I got is black rectangles 
with my
  >>lines draw correctly. I need to find a way into this.
  >>Somebody can help me ?
  >I don"t know the answer, but as a starting point, in your print handling
  >code if you do normal GDI calls into your DC does that appear correctly
  >when you print? I"m wondering if the DC hasn"t been set up or rendered
  >to correctly (e.g. the wrong or no bitmap selected into it, etc) and not
  >a AGG problem in itself.

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