[cairo] Backend API questions

Christian Biesinger cbiesinger at web.de
Sat Jan 28 15:23:34 PST 2006


I've got some questions about the backend API, particularly 

Firstly... what meaning to the coordinate arguments have, and the 
width/height? Should the trapezoids be clipped to the rectangle given by 
(dst_x, dst_y, width, height)? Should dst_x/dst_y be added to the 
coordinates given in the cairo_trapezoid_t structures?

Secondly... why do the trapezoids have cairo_fixed_t coordinates, 
contrary to all the other backend functions? And what should backends do 
with the fractional part here?

Finally... it's ok if I make CAIRO_ANTIALIAS_DEFAULT mean "not 
antialiased" for my backend, right?

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