New API: cairo_xlib_surface_get_* (was: Re: [cairo] cairo_draw_with_xlib API)

Carl Worth cworth at
Thu May 4 04:07:40 PDT 2006

On Thu, 23 Feb 2006 16:39:14 +1300, Robert O'Callahan wrote:
> To support this implementation, we have extended cairo in two ways:
> -- Added a number of getter functions to extract properties of a cairo
> xlib surface

We had taken care of the prerequisites for this one a while ago, but
hadn't gotten around to committing this. I've gone ahead and done that

So, cairo-xlib now has the following new API:

	cairo_public Display *
	cairo_xlib_surface_get_display (cairo_surface_t *surface);

	cairo_public Drawable
	cairo_xlib_surface_get_drawable (cairo_surface_t *surface);

	cairo_public Screen *
	cairo_xlib_surface_get_screen (cairo_surface_t *surface);

	cairo_public Visual *
	cairo_xlib_surface_get_visual (cairo_surface_t *surface);

	cairo_public int
	cairo_xlib_surface_get_depth (cairo_surface_t *abstract_surface);

> -- Added cairo_extract_clip_rectangles to obtain the current clip in
> device coordinates. If the clip cannot be expressed as rectangles, the
> function simply gives up ... for our purposes, a non-rectangular clip is
> useless anyway.
> Patches for these extensions are attached --- please evaluate.

For this one, I still don't think I've seen an updated patch
incorporating my comments. (I know the rectangle rename was a
prerequisite, and you supplied that a while ago, but I only committed
it now).

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