[cairo] Device offset rework status, and what it needs from here

Christian Biesinger cbiesinger at web.de
Fri May 5 14:07:10 PDT 2006

Carl Worth wrote:
> Yes, this is known. It's just one of those subtle gradient changes
> though. And since we don't have any precise specification for
> gradients I think that's fine.
> I've got a subsequent commit that cleans up these failures.

OK, cool. I still have two image test failures though (latest ps-pdf-dpi 
branch merged with cairo-origin), this time in leaky-dash and 

...but I'm told on IRC that these are known bugs. OK.

> Note: anyone that had done development off the old device-offset
> branches will need to rebase or cherry-pick their development onto the
> new master line now. This should be very straightforward as I don't
> anticipate any bad conflicts to appear.

There were some conflicts here, but at least this taught me the right 
way to resolve conflicts from git rebase ;)

The answer is: Resolve conflicts, git update-index filename, then to 
continue (no need for an explicit commit):
   git am --binary -3 -k --resolved

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