[cairo] Help! building on Solaris

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Fri May 5 14:20:40 PDT 2006

On Fri, 05 May 2006 13:05:25 -0700, Mathew Yeates wrote:

> I keep getting ld: fatal: relocation error: R_386_GOTOFF: file 
> .libs/cairo.o: symbol cairo_pattern_nil: relocation must bind
> locally.

I have no idea what that error message might mean. I don't see
anything obviously wrong with the definition of cairo_pattern_nil.

> I was able to build on Solaris2.9 yesterday after removing 2 lines from 
> pixman-remap.h (recommended at
> http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/cairo/2005-November/005657.html). 
> But this doesnt work on Solaris2.10. So I checked out cairo-branch-1.0. 
> Still ..... no go.

The mail message above has some stale information in it.

The easiest way to avoid the pixman-remap.h bug is to simply grab the
latest stable cairo release, which is 1.0.4. It is available here:


Ironically, using CVS to checkout cairo-branch-1.0 will actually give
you something older than cairo-1.0.4, (specifically, it gives you
something from somewhere between cairo 1.0.2 and cairo 1.0.4). This is
because the latest development has moved from cvs to git. (I put some
warnings into the main branch of the CVS checkout that tell people to
use git if they try to build it---but I'd forgotten to do the same for

The current way to checkout the latest version of the 1.0 branch is to
first clone the git repository:

	git clone git://git.cairographics.org/git/cairo

then checkout the 1.0 branch:

	cd cairo
	git checkout 1.0

But at this moment there aren't any code changes between the 1.0.4
release and the 1.0 branch anyway, so it might be easier to just use
the tar file.

Good luck, I hope you're able to build cairo soon so you can start
playing with it.

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