[cairo] What happened to device_{x,y}_scale?

BALATON Zoltan balaton at eik.bme.hu
Sun May 7 05:43:16 PDT 2006


I was just about to ask adding API calls to cairo similar to 
cairo_surface_{set,get}_device_offset, to access the device scale 
properties of surfaces as well, when I noticed that they are gone in the 
1.1.6 snapshot. Please put them back. I would like to rely on this feature 
for implementing a drawing library on top of cairo, which provides an API 
for its users following pdf conventions, including a coordinate system 
with the origin in the lower left corner (i.e. flipped compared to the 
cairo coordinate system). Having an additional transform (defined by 
device offset and scale) on the surface is better for achieving this flip 
hidden from users with the same rationale mentioned for 
cairo_surface_set_device_offset. Having to combine the flipping into the 
(user settable) CTM would either expose it to users, which is not wanted, 
or complicate the library implementation considerably (requireing to 
always patch up the CTM when the user sets or gets it). Please let me know 
what's your standpoint on this (also it would be nice to have it in the 
1.2.x release).


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