[cairo] UTF-8 problem with cairo-show-text

Christian Biesinger cbiesinger at web.de
Tue May 9 18:36:47 PDT 2006

John Ellson wrote:
> - Is there an API that will let me discover what exact font file, or font files, are being used for a
> piece of text?    I'd like this for a debugging feature. 

After spending some time with the pango docs, it seems like you might 
want to get each line from the pango layout (with pango_layout_get_line 
maybe), then for each line get all the runs, whose item has an analysis 
which contains a PangoFont.

I'm no pango expert, so there may be an easier way for this.

> - Why is it that cairo-select-font-face() picked up a different font 
> than vim?   Vim found
> one that included the epsilon.   Did one get a Type-1 font and the other 
> a .ttf ?

I'd assume that vim, being a Gtk application, uses pango and therefore 
uses various fonts for displaying the text.

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