[cairo] Getting OS/2 surface into trunk

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Thu May 18 12:19:54 PDT 2006

On Sat, 22 Apr 2006 21:47:28 -0800, "Dave Yeo" wrote:
> So with Doodles permission I would like to submit a large patch (or a
> couple of smaller patches).
> What would be the best way to submit this

Definitely as a set of smaller patches. This could be a pointer to a
git branch, or a set of patches generated from a git branch with "git
format-patch", or a set of patches generated any other way.

> and is there any chance of this being excepted?

One large patch probably would not.

The key thing there is to separate out things that touch the core of
cairo, (cairo.h, cairoint.h, etc.), from things that are only adding
the new backend itself. The new backend is probably in one file, and
that one file can definitely land as one patch---that's not a problem.

I know that since the last time we talked about this, we added the
cairo_public decorations, so hopefully there's not as much needed in
the way of core cairo changes.

Then, for any new backend, it will get the "experimental" treatment,
(disabled build by default, unless an explicit --enable option is
passed to configure, and then a warning message is printed), until it
has been integrated into the test suite and can demonstrate that it
passes the suite, (can use backend-specific reference images to
account for minor rendering differences).


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