[cairo] local PLT check failure for cairo-xcb

Jamey Sharp jamey at minilop.net
Thu Oct 12 10:55:36 PDT 2006

On Wed, Oct 11, 2006 at 09:44:57PM -0700, Ian Osgood wrote:
> This patch brings cairo XCB backend up to XCB RC2. 

On Wed, Oct 11, 2006 at 09:48:38PM -0700, Ian Osgood wrote:
> This patch replaces some bad code with a renderutil library function. 

I've reviewed and pushed these. Thanks, Ian!

I'd like to recommend that Ian have commit access to cairo. He's clearly
demonstrated that he doesn't need my review, and since he's an active
committer for XCB he's well suited to work on the XCB backend for cairo.

On Mon, Oct 02, 2006 at 03:52:04PM -0400, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
> Your slim_hidden_proto is correct.  Seems like you didn't add
> slim_hidden_def after the function definition.  Doing that should fix
> the other test too.

On Mon, Oct 02, 2006 at 04:02:10PM -0700, Carl Worth wrote:
> Behdad already answered with the missing piece, (slim_hidden_def in
> addition to slim_hidden_proto), but I can comment a bit on what's
> happening which is create function aliases so that public functions
> can be used internally without having to go through an expensive PLT
> lookup.
> We're using manual tagging, (which painfully requires things in two
> places as you ran into). You can contrast this with the approach in
> fontconfig where a script automatically generates the header magic
> needed for all public functions.

Thanks for the explanation. I've applied the hidden ref and proto bits
and 'make check' works now, except it caused my X server to segfault in
a CompositeTrapezoids call. Guess I'll be filing a bug report about
that. :-)

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