[cairo] What is "pangocairo"?

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Thu Oct 19 12:37:27 PDT 2006

    Carl> You should get pangocairo by nature of pango finding cairo when
    Carl> pango is compiled. So the configure output of pango is probably
    Carl> giving you something like:

    Carl>       Checking for cairo... NO

Alas, I get "yes".  That's what makes it horribly confusing.

    Carl> And the fix is to make sure that when you configure pango that
    Carl> your PKG_CONFIG_PATH variable points to the directory in which the
    Carl> cairo.pc file was installed. Something like:

    Carl>       PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$prefix/lib/pkgconfig

Also already done.  Full details here:


    Carl> PS. By the way, the answer to this problem from the GTK+ camp is
    Carl> likely to be that one shouldn't try to compile GTK+ and its
    Carl> dependencies by hand anyway, and people should use something like
    Carl> jhbuild instead. Personally, I don't find it that hard to build
    Carl> GTK+ manually, but you might look into using jhbuild as one
    Carl> option.

I'd never heard of jhbuild before.  A brief look suggests it's for building
from CVS.  That's not for me.  We want to run known versions of GTK and
friends, not whatever was checked in last night.  I'm also not interested in
building Gnome.



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