[cairo] cross compile GTK+ on DirectFB --Pango withCairodisappears

Malcolm Tredinnick malcolm at pointy-stick.com
Fri Oct 20 01:43:21 PDT 2006

On Fri, 2006-10-20 at 16:30 +0800, Zhang Long wrote:
> OS, compiler: Fedora core 4, gcc 3.3.2
> My config.log comes from the following configure command
> [...] 
>   Pango: 1.13.1 
>     config.status: creating pangocairo.pc
>     ...
>     config.status: creating pangocairo-uninstalled.pc
>     ...
>     configuration:
>             backends: FreeType

So it is creating the right .pc files, it seems like. You need to
examine why gtk+'s configure script is not able to find these files when
run in your ARM build environment. I cannot do this just from looking at
the logs, since it requires knowledge of and poking around in your
development environment. You need to try and work out why GTK+, the
program you originally complained about, is not able to find the
necessary files. Cross-compiling is never a trivial process, so take
your time and go over each step carefully looking for problems. Again,
this doesn't look like a Cairo issue.


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