[cairo] Re: [PATCH] PS/PDF improve efficiency of text output

Behdad Esfahbod behdad at behdad.org
Sat Oct 21 14:38:23 PDT 2006

Hi Adrian,

I was making Firefox print using Pango and when looking at your
xshow/yshow/xyshow patch I think I've found a minor bug.  Namely, the
advance vector passed to xshow/yshow should be the same length as the
glyph vector, but your code generates one that is one entry shorter.
I'm referring to this patch:


Of course for positioning purposes n-1 entries are enough to position n
glyphs, but the n'th entry is needed to correctly advance the current
position and while ghostscript doesn't warn or err about it, the HP
Laserjet printer I was testing with refused to print any such
PostScript.  Adding a final 0 (and two zeros in case of xyshow) should
fix it.  Or you can be smarter and use this feature to eliminate the
moveto when switching between subfonts.


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