[cairo] Rules to host a binding ?

Damien Carbonne aetdcarbonne at free.fr
Sun Oct 22 12:50:27 PDT 2006

Carl Worth a écrit :

> So far, we've pretty much taken all comers. Compatible licensing with
> cairo is a requirement for hosting though. Compliance with cairo
> binding guide is strongly encouraged, but not enforced in any sense.
I try to follow those rules as much as possible.
The license I would like to use is GMGPL, which is a GPL plus GNAT 
It's quite equivalent to LGPL, but takes into account instantiation of 
generic units.
At this time I don't use any generic unit and I could use LGPL. But I've 
imagined some possible usage of generics.

> First, let's see the code somewhere. Got a link to it we can look at?
I don't have any personal site yet (I expect to have one soon).
I can send code as an attachment or wait to have my site.

> Second, go through this process to get an account that will let you
> maintain the code:
> 	http://freedesktop.org/wiki/AccountRequests
> (It says "CVS" on that page, but the account will let you host the
> code with your tool of choice. Most of the bindings are still
> languishing in cvs, but I imagine some maintainers will see the git
> light soon and move them over...)
> -Carl


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