[cairo] Speeding up _cairo_fixed_from_double

Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Thu Oct 26 14:03:36 PDT 2006

Daniel Amelang wrote:
> ...
> 2) It needs to be _word_ endian aware. You'd think that a
> WORDS_BIGENDIAN check would be enough to solve this one, but I'd like
> to raise a warning flag before this is considered solved.
> WORDS_BIGENDIAN (according to the docs) refers to the byte order,
> _not_ the word order. The magic number approach needs to take word
> order into consideration, not byte order. And unfortunately, on some
> platforms (including ARM), the word ordering can be different than the
> byte ordering. I think we need something like the
> __IEEE_BIG_ENDIAN/__IEEE_LITTLE_ENDIAN flags found in newlib's
> ieeefp.h. So we need a new flag/check in cairo to pick this up.

Keep in mind that configure-time endian checks are unreliable on
Mac OS X because a single executable may contain objects for multiple
architectures (right now 32+64 bit Intel and PPC)...

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