[cairo] Speeding up _cairo_fixed_from_double

Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Fri Oct 27 08:46:27 PDT 2006

Vladimir Vukicevic wrote:
> On 10/26/06, Michael Sweet <mike at easysw.com> wrote:
>> Vladimir Vukicevic wrote:
>> > Anyone who's building a fat binary effectively needs to go through a
>> > build twice -- including the full configure stage, once for each arch &
>> > SDK.  If someone has this optimized down to just doing a single build
>> > that builds both at the same time, great, but then making sure this 
>> case
>> > works is on their shoulders.  With a compile-time endian check, cairo
>> > will compile and run correctly when built for either the x86 or the ppc
>> > architecture, and that's all that's required for universal binaries.
>> Building twice sucks, and if you have a configure test you'll need to
>> actually build on two different systems and use lipo to merge the
>> binaries after the fact.
> Huh?  Your configure test will use the supplied compiler, which will
> be generating ppc binaries that configure will execute to test.
> They'll execute under Rosetta, and will give you the correct response.
 > ...

That only works for 32-bit PPC.  64-bit PPC is not supported by
Rosetta, and while you might not do a 64-bit Mozilla you probably
*would* want to do a 64-bit Cairo ("4-way fat") build if you were
distributing Cairo binaries for other developers or doing your own
64-bit GUI app.  64-bit will be supported by every framework in Mac
OS X 10.5, mainly because GUI application developers have been
demanding it...

Come on, 5 measly lines of preprocessor directives are all that will
be required to make Cairo support fat builds on Mac OS X out of the

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