[cairo] New 1.2 branch for any future 1.2.x releases

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Tue Sep 5 10:28:57 PDT 2006

I'm just about to commit some new API to cairo,
(cairo_surface_pattern_get_surface) so before doing that I went ahead
and created a 1.2 branch to be used in case anybody wants to make a
1.2.6 or any subsequent releases of the 1.2 series.

For the branch point I chose something a bit later than 1.2.4 to pick
up the following:

	6de226be0e87970	Define WINVER if it's not defined. (bug 6456)

	782e3eb65b143a6	Get correct unhinted outlines on win32.

	5492946b0ced9b3	[image] Print out cairo version in the
			unsupported-format message

	1b7ced6614d8092 Bug #7593: Avoid unsigned loop control
			variable to eliminate infinite,
			memory-scribbling loop.

And I've manually checked everything else to make sure it looks safe
enough for a maintenance release, (warning cleanups, non-code changes,
fix for image diff generation in the test suite).

The above looks like enough to make 1.2.6 worth doing quite soon,
(particularly for the fix for the crashing bug #7593). I believe
Behdad is planning on doing that soon.

I also picked the branch point to be before the addition of the
cairo/perf stuff to avoid any incidental breakage there.

For future 1.2.x releases, (if any), fixes should be cherry-picked
from the master branch to the 1.2 branch.

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