[cairo] Need help for integrating glitz

Daniel Bessler daniel.bessler at gmx.net
Sat Sep 16 09:12:58 PDT 2006

Since some time i manage a cvs repo for kiba-dock, a dock based on akamaru 
(Kristian Høgsberg  physic engine). I integrated some mouse over effects, 
like zooming, but these effects takes much cpu.
So i decided to give glitz a try, i thought it would be easy to integrate with 
the help of a similar project (gnome-dock by MacSlow), but i wasnt able to 
include it :(

Informations to the glitz problem can be found in this topic:

When u wanna look at the whole code, u can fetch it through cvs:
cvs -d:pserver:anonymous at metascape.afraid.org:/cvsroot co kiba-dock

It would be really helpfull if someone can help me out!

Daniel Bessler

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