[cairo] Cairo meeting tomorrow 13:00 EDT

Adrian Johnson ajohnson at redneon.com
Wed Apr 4 08:16:30 PDT 2007

Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
>>   • New, user-font API (behdad and krh)
> We should be fast about this, as it's a piece of really useful API, and
> there's still a lot to do.  We can start by someone (krh, you) reviewing
> my latest branch, so we can make sure the plans are solid and go on to
> implementing the missing bits.

I assume that the PS/PDF font subsetting can not make any assumptions
about whether user-font glyphs have the same shape at different scales
and will have to create separate subsets for each scale used. Is it
worth adding an extra parameter to cairo_user_font_face_create() to
specify whether glyphs at different scales should be merged into the one
subset? This would avoid re-embedding user-fonts at every scaled used
when the glyph shapes are the same for all scales.

>>   • Other proposed API additions (Behdad, who has been disappointed to
>>     not get much feedback on these yet---Behdad, care to summarize
>>     these in a single mail with links to the proposals?) 

I would also like to suggest:

• Set PS Level for the PS backend. This is required to support Level 3
  features such as gradients.

• EPS output from the PS backend. This in the cairo TODO.

• API to allow enable/disabling certain subsetters.
  This would also be useful feature to control via an environment
  variable as it would allow the user to override the application

• Debug environment variable to disable compression in the PDF output.

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