[cairo] Make check on OS/2 revisited

Dave Yeo daveryeo at telus.net
Mon Apr 9 09:38:11 PDT 2007

So I've solved the problem of make check failing on OS/2. Seems to be
the EXTRA_PROGRAMS declaration in test/Makefile.am. Changing it to
check_PROGRAMS like so

--- Makefile.am.orig    Fri Mar  2 21:04:02 2007
+++ Makefile.am Mon Apr  9 09:33:18 2007
@@ -481,7 +481,7 @@
 svg2png_LDADD  = $(LDADD) $(LIBRSVG_LIBS)


 # Do a funny transition of CAIRO_TEST_TARGET through TARGETS such that
 # one can limit tested targets both through CAIRO_TEST_TARGET env var

Fixes the compile problems. Still need to fix the enviroment so the DLL
is found.

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