[cairo] how to draw on OSX

Travis Griggs tgriggs at cincom.com
Mon Apr 9 11:28:32 PDT 2007

I've asked a question kind of like this before, but this time, I've  
made sure I have a newer version (1.4.2). I'm doing the following  
sequence (in pseudocode):

nsGC = [NSGraphicsContext graphicsContextWithWindow: anNSWindow];
cgRef = [nsGC graphicsPort];
surface = cairo_quartz_surface_create_for_cg_context(cgRef, 300, 300);
cr = cairo_create(surface);
cairo_set_source_rgb(cr, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0);

Is this the sequence other's use for drawing on quartz windows?  
Because it doesn't update. If I drag the window, it seems to flush  
the GC. Do I have to follow every cairo paint() call with some sort  
of sync to the quartz APIs? Or is there a flag I can set that will  
make it happen right away?


Travis Griggs
Time and Countertops. They both get used up way too fast.

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