[cairo] mingw instructions

Kouhei Sutou kou at cozmixng.org
Sat Apr 14 18:09:19 PDT 2007


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  "[cairo] mingw instructions" on Sat, 14 Apr 2007 22:10:33 +0200,
  "Gerdus van Zyl" <gerdusvanzyl at gmail.com> wrote:

> Does anyone have instructions/tips on building cairo on mingw/msys on
> windows? It's been a real struggle to get all the dependencies and
> dependencies of dependencies sorted out. Cairo compiles but only
> produces libcairo.a and libcairo.la and not the dll i require. The
> closest I can make out is the linker can't find some files of the
> libpng,win32apis etc because it gives a warning about unresolved
> symbols. (but libpng is found by pkgconfig and in lib directory) I am
> unfortunely an amateur when it comes to compiled languages, so i am
> stuck.

You can use binaries of GnuWin32:

I used LibPng and LibGw32C to build DLL with MinGW on
Linux. I can resolved cairo dependencies on other libraries
by the above packages.


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