[cairo] Crash with 1.4.4

Jordan Miner jminer2613 at students.pcci.edu
Thu Apr 19 07:19:08 PDT 2007

> And in the future, if we can get more pre-release testing on win32
> hopefully we can better avoid problems like this, (a mingw version of
> git looks very viable these days, so that should help). I can also
> provide plenty of warning and early tar files to anyone who would want
> to pre-screen release tar files for us.

Yeah, I have noticed that there usually is not much testing on Windows. I
can try to test it more often before releases to at least catch bugs like
this one. I can use git fine with cygwin, but since I am at college, I am
not sure if I will be able to git-clone cairo. The wireless on campus
blocks git: addresses and all of freedesktop.org so it won't to work. I
tried wireless off campus, but I am not sure my laptop battery will hold
out long enough to download it all. A tar file snapshot would make it much
easier for me to test a pre-release version.


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