[cairo] show_glyphs function of FT backend

Peter Weilbacher (Mozilla) mozilla at weilbacher.org
Sat Apr 21 11:11:48 PDT 2007

Peter Weilbacher (Mozilla) wrote:

> I recently noticed[1] that the show_glyphs function was removed
> from the FT backend some time ago. I guess if there were postings
> to this list about it, I missed them and I am not experienced
> enough with git to find out why it was removed. Can somebody
> give me a hint?

Hmm, just clicking around on gitweb.freedesktop.org I found by myself
that already commit b0c58593b30c1fa085b1e7c8e4897da623b8686d of
31 Aug 2005 removed that capability from cairo-ft-font.c (and instead
moved it to cairo-scaled-font.c). Only the checkin in December removed
the function itself. But I don't understand which function is supposed
to handle a cairo_show_glyphs() call on OS/2. Do we need to implement
the show_glyphs function in cairo-os2-surface.c? But then we would have
to hardcode the font(-backend) specific stuff in there, too?! Or do
we need to implement cairo-os2-font.c that then uses most of the FT
backend code and additionally implements show_glyphs?

I guess you notice that I understand too little of the overall cairo
design... Perhaps I should first work on a minimal testcase, to better
debug this stuff.


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