[cairo] Re: 2 clipping questions

rael at edge.ping.de rael at edge.ping.de
Thu Apr 26 04:02:47 PDT 2007


> I think cairo supports this too.  Try adding the inner rectangle with a
> reverse winding.  That is, instead of 400,400-600,600, use
> 400,600-600,400.  That *should* subtract.  Not sure if it works that way
> already.

Can somebody else comment on this? It would be nice if this in fact would 

>> 2.
> Of course.  Is this surprising?

If cairo does its on clipping and does not use the X11 functionalities, than 
of course not :-)
>>  (the other solution would be
>> to make sure that source and target are cairo surfaces and do the
>> copying on the cairo level).
> Yes.  That's what you normally do.  Any reason to avoid that?

Yes and no. The code support cairo and X11 native backends. For this reason 
I initially tried to avoid cairo-specific code as much as possible. But the 
inpact is not that big so I likely will do it this way. 

Thanks for your help! 


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