[cairo] Cairo 1.4.6 release-candidate snapshot available

Hans Breuer hans at breuer.org
Sat Apr 28 01:10:41 PDT 2007

On 28.04.2007 07:56, Carl Worth wrote:
> I've made a second release-candidate snapshot for what I'd like to
> become cairo 1.4.6:
> http://cairographics.org/snapshots/cairo-1.4.5-20070427-a392cc.tar.gz
> [...]
> As usual, if people on less-frequently tested platforms, (win32),
> could double-check this snapshot, that would be great.
- my compiler (msvc) and me did not grok the intention of the preprocessor
  magic in pixman.h and needed to change to

/* Add attribute(warn_unused_result) if supported */
#define pixman_warn WARN_UNUSED_RESULT
#define pixman_private pixman_private_no_warn /*pixman_warn*/

- cairo-ps-surface.c references cairo-ps-surface-private.h which
  is not in the package.

- other than that it seems to work fine as drop in replacement for cairo
  the previous cairo dll I was using (1.3.16). Played just a little bit
  with Dia and The GIMP, but not with any export facilities due to missing


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