[cairo] A couple of new FAQ entries, and some reorganization.

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Mon Apr 30 13:24:22 PDT 2007

I've had enough people ask me how to clear a surface and how to paint
from one surface to another that I just added answers to these two
questions to cairo's FAQ page:


I'd appreciate any review or fixups, (feel free to just fixup directly
in the wiki), for the two new answers. And I'd love to hear any
suggestions for other questions that belong on this list.

Previously we've also had people occasionally adding arbitrary
questions to that same page, (and we even had instructions encouraging
people to do that). I've now moved these less frequently asked
questions to a separate page, along with a suggestion that people
might have better luck using the mailing list before just lodging
questions in the wiki.

Oh, and now that the FAQ is getting a bit longer, I added a table of
contents to the top so that it is easier to navigate. This also
provides anchors so that one can link to a specific entry in the FAQ
as follows:


Anyway, I hope this is a useful resource and that it will continue to
grow and improve.

So jump in and help us maintain it as we go.


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