[cairo] Strange problem with PDF generation

Umberto Allievi uallievi at iol.it
Fri Feb 2 01:35:03 PST 2007

I've tested the patch on the 32 bit system and it corrects the problem.

But now I have another problem: cairo 1.3.12 compiles in GTKwin32
but ... well one image is worth one thousand words ...

Neither your patch nor the CID patch does apply to cairo 1.2.6 so ....

        Thanks Umberto

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Il giorno ven, 02/02/2007 alle 00.31 +1030, Adrian Johnson ha scritto:
> Umberto Allievi wrote:
> > The generated pdf looks good when viewed in both evince and acrobat
> > reader, but when printed (even with cups-PDF) it ...
> >  - looks weird if printed with acrobat reader
> >  - evince outputs a blank sheet
> > If I generate a PS file everything is OK.
> The attached patch seems to correct this problem. I am interested
> in getting feedback on how well the it works. Note that the patch in its
> present form breaks non TrueType fonts. I will fix this once I am
> certain this patch fixes the PDF TrueType printing problem.
> This patch contains two changes:
> - Include glyph 0 (.notdef) in the subset and map character 0 to notdef.
> - Include an Encoding dictionary in the PDF TrueType subset.

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