[cairo] problem building cairo 1.2.6

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Fri Feb 2 12:22:40 PST 2007

tj writes:
 > cairo-1.2.6$ echo $PKG_CONFIG
 > /usr/lib/pkgconfig

PKG_CONFIG, if defined at all, should be the path to the pkg-config
binary, in case you for some reason need to use another than the one
normally found in your PATH. If you intend to use /usr/bin/pkg-config
(and why wouldn't you?), don't set PKG_CONFIG.

 > cairo-1.2.6$ echo $PKG_CONFIG_PATH
 > /usr/lib/pkgconfig

This is the default location where your /usr/bin/pkg-config looks for
.pc files, so this doesn't seem necessary either.


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