[cairo] Draw a rectangle with dash lines

Jeff Muizelaar jeff at infidigm.net
Sat Feb 3 07:02:47 PST 2007

On Sat, Feb 03, 2007 at 12:27:18AM -0600, ken carlino wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using cairo 1.0.2 and i am trying to draw a rect wiht dash lines
> (not solid lines).
> It works in some cases, but in some cases, I see a rect with dash
> lines and a filled triangle which covers half of the rect (from one
> top corner to another bottom corner).

I was able to reproduce the problem with cairo 1.3.7. It looks like the
problem is related to the dash offset. When I change it to -3.999 or
4.001 the triangle goes away. However, I don't have time right now to
look into the actual cause of the problem.


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