Text on Win32 (was Re: [cairo] Strange problem with PDF generation)

Umberto Allievi uallievi at iol.it
Sun Feb 4 07:12:57 PST 2007

OK, I've gone thorough the bisect process and I've reached this point:

bf78be63fc35dc13899209ee818f37fe3f564fed is first bad commit
commit bf78be63fc35dc13899209ee818f37fe3f564fed
Author: U-JONATHAN-X60S\jonathan <jonathan at Jonathan-X60s.(none)>
Date:   Fri Dec 15 00:48:54 2006 +0100

    Fix a couple of character spacing issues on Windows

:040000 040000 3d49a8a5d0ef12a94ec80820fc7d2225ea1fce6a
2003c69f9415b0089e2d30873688052831794641 M      src

I hope I've done everything in the correct way.
I'm no a git expert, so I need your help to understand how to go on and
correct the bug introduced with this patch.

To further help here is the output of git bisect log:

git-bisect start
# good: [28e379a587b718022dd0304e8a2fc6f34a9e75ff] Released cairo-1.2.6.
git-bisect good 28e379a587b718022dd0304e8a2fc6f34a9e75ff
# bad: [d1ed480fee3fa25ef72b487a0b25ad9023e02230] configure.in:
Increment cairo version to 1.3.12
git-bisect bad d1ed480fee3fa25ef72b487a0b25ad9023e02230
# good: [e2ede57fbb8d729f066bc592e33bae23a11fa4d9] cairo-perf-diff: Fix
to still function if run from the top-level directory containing .git
git-bisect good e2ede57fbb8d729f066bc592e33bae23a11fa4d9
# good: [6122c30930525c0d672166eab8b05e0951c7b039] [pixman] Remove
unused slim_internal.h
git-bisect good 6122c30930525c0d672166eab8b05e0951c7b039
# bad: [267afe7be398db4ab90956660828ed25cfd19acf] test/.gitignore:
Ignore binarries for some recently added tests
git-bisect bad 267afe7be398db4ab90956660828ed25cfd19acf
# good: [18a4fa448fcdb6a72f427e997ee2b234f96a56f7] pdiff: Replace
CompareArgs class with args_t struct
git-bisect good 18a4fa448fcdb6a72f427e997ee2b234f96a56f7
# bad: [fe21f9d8ca1e509952b1dd84a5c0430953ca663a] [check-defs.sh] Fix
make check for OPD platforms
git-bisect bad fe21f9d8ca1e509952b1dd84a5c0430953ca663a
# good: [8b31038b9fb7f8fc3eb2729c3d14de5c0b130873] Fix a couple of more
stale images holding up 'make distcheck'
git-bisect good 8b31038b9fb7f8fc3eb2729c3d14de5c0b130873
# good: [2b946cba0e2e0bc1ddfda2aad87f1e482568c1b1] Bump cairo version to
1.3.9 after making 1.3.8 snapshot
git-bisect good 2b946cba0e2e0bc1ddfda2aad87f1e482568c1b1
# bad: [81a620fb66a1eb341fefaad26c9d452e494890cb] revert accidental mode
changes in my previous commit
git-bisect bad 81a620fb66a1eb341fefaad26c9d452e494890cb
# bad: [15e8486ef1558b8049a4c7a5c2f50a7e4a2599da] Merge branch 'master'
of git://git.cairographics.org/git/cairo
git-bisect bad 15e8486ef1558b8049a4c7a5c2f50a7e4a2599da
# bad: [bf78be63fc35dc13899209ee818f37fe3f564fed] Fix a couple of
character spacing issues on Windows
git-bisect bad bf78be63fc35dc13899209ee818f37fe3f564fed


Il giorno ven, 02/02/2007 alle 10.24 -0800, Daniel Amelang ha scritto:
> On 2/2/07, Umberto Allievi <uallievi at iol.it> wrote:
> > I've tested the patch on the 32 bit system and it corrects the problem.
> >
> > But now I have another problem: cairo 1.3.12 compiles in GTKwin32
> > but ... well one image is worth one thousand words ...
> Looks like the same thing we've been discussing here:
> http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/cairo/2007-February/009436.html
> Nasty.
> Dan

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