[cairo] FreeType internals in new versions of cairo

James Cloos cloos at jhcloos.com
Mon Feb 5 17:00:39 PST 2007

Since David first posted his patches enabling freetype to do the LCD
filtering, I've wanted to try out hiw filter on unhinted and autofit
fonts, and Xft's on (most) glyf fonts.  I *strongly* agree with Keith
that Xft's filter is ideal (or as close as makes no difference¹) for
well instructed fonts.  But I'm also an advocate of using glyf fonts
for UI stuff but cff fonts for print work, and there is some room for
improvement when rendering cff and type1 fonts.

,----(by: David Turner <david at freetype.org>)
|   text rendering:
|     + best shapes
|     + best contrast
|     + use native TrueType hints
|         ? optimized TrueType anti-aliasing
|           disable anti-aliasing for sizes under: <NNN>
|   text anti-aliasing    = standard
|                         = light
|                         = best for CRTs
|   LCD display type      = standard (RGB)
|                         = mirrored (BGR)
|                         = rotated  (VRGB)
|                         = rotated mirrored (VBGR)

The menu enumeration above looks to me like a good step forward.
Although I do have to disclaim that, since I do not use a GUI to
edit my fonts.conf files, but instead edit the XML directly....


1) Cf. Harry Turtledove's novels for more uses of that idiom
   than you can shake a stick at.  :)  

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