[cairo] backend image fallbacks (update)

Jonatan Liljedahl lijon at kymatica.com
Wed Feb 7 15:36:16 PST 2007

Jonatan Liljedahl wrote:
> Everything is exported as an image fallback, is there any way I can know
> what operations will fallback as an image?
> Why not falling back only on the parts that really needs to be rendered
> as images? In my example, everything is rendered as a bad resolution
> image, even text and non-transparent lines, etc... see attached PDF.
> And as you see, the resolution is terrible! But using
> cairo_surface_set_fallback_resolution() to set a higher resolution
> (600x600) doesn't seem to work. Is this a bug?
> Isn't transparency supported in PDF? (As you see in
> http://kymatica.com/uploads/Software/kyce_score.png I have a lot of
> transparency...)

I found that the problem was that I was using intermediate surfaces. (To
render offscreen and then paint them on screen in the expose callback).
This didn't work well on PDF/PS backends, since surface_create_similar()
still returned IMAGE surfaces, which of course would be painted in 72
dpi resolution!

So, I fixed it by rendering directly to the PDF/PS surface (which is no
problem since I don't need buffering when printing.)

But I wonder, would it be possible to have intermediate vector surfaces?

/Jonatan    -=( http://kymatica.com )=-

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