[cairo] nquartz surface renamed to quartz

Baz brian.ewins at gmail.com
Tue Feb 20 15:29:04 PST 2007

On 20/02/07, Vladimir Vukicevic <vladimir at pobox.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've replaced the old quartz surface with nquartz (with appropriate
> renaming) in preparation for 1.4.  The Quartz surface will still remain
> experimental, because it needs much more widespread testing and because
> of a few remaining known bugs.

Thanks Vlad, this is great news!

> The known issues:
>     - lines are not scaled as they are with cairo's image backend; see
> bug 10036.  Brian's patch in there is probably the right way to go,
> though it might make sense to only do that if it's necessary.

Ok. I'll bring the patch up-to-date with the new surface, and leave it
up to the drivers in the Joost/Moz svg community to request this, it
seems to be more of a problem for them.

>     - all image patterns are drawn as EXTEND_REPEAT; this will be most
> obvious if you use an EXTEND_NONE image pattern and then call paint()
> without a clip set to the bounds of the image.  I'm going to try to fix
> this soon.
> Please report any other issues that come up!
>     - Vlad

I'm fairly certain there were some text scaling/rotating issues that
needed done (all of the old mac code assumed user coords = device
coords, so text didn't rotate, scale correctly on any surface). This
shows up in the text-rotate and text-pattern tests, but doesn't seem
to bug 'real' users as much as other things, yet. There's been a patch
sitting about for the image surface for this (its out of date again)
but this stuff needs fixed in quartz too. I'll get a patch together.


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