[cairo] Text Antialiasing

Tim Flink tim at mail.mew.co.jp
Sun Feb 25 16:21:07 PST 2007

I attached the image that is output from my code to this email.

I didn't compile my own pycairo and have been using a binary 
distribution from the gnome ftp site 
Consequently, I have no idea what options have been set in fontconfig 
but since I downloaded it from gnome, I would be very surprised if 
patented hinting is enabled.

As far as fonts go, I have been using two trueType fonts. The arial.ttf 
which is distributed with Windows and ipag-mona.ttf which is a Japanese 
font that I downloaded from 
(I'm using that font because it has fewer restrictions, but I have been 
seeing the same antialiasing issues when I use the standaed Japanese 
fonts that come with Windows, msgothic.ttc and msmincho.ttc)

Thanks for your help,


Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
> On Fri, 2007-02-23 at 17:45 +0900, Tim Flink wrote:
>> Is there something else that I am missing? 
> Your fontconfig configuration may be overriding this.  Can you attach a
> screenshot?  If you are using a bitmap font, or have patented hinting
> enabled in FreeType, you will not get AA rendering with some fonts.
> That's supposed to be a feature...

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