[cairo] Cairo v1.3.10 Bugs

brianp at sginet.com brianp at sginet.com
Tue Jan 9 16:57:03 PST 2007

I thought I'd just send you an email to let you know about a couple bugs I
discovered in Cairo v1.3.10. I'm playing with the Win32 version of Cairo. 


First, if you call cairo_debug_reset_static_data() (which in turn calls
_cairo_font_reset_static_data() ) before you make a call to
_cairo_win32_initialize(), it will crash (in the mutex locking stuff). In my
testing, I always call cairo_debug_reset_static_data() before the program
exits just so everything gets cleaned up. When I do this without making a
cairo call first that calls _cairo_win32_initialize(), it crashes.


The second bug I noticed is that gradient reflection is completely broken.
If you set up a gradient of any kind and call cairo_pattern_set_extend(pat,
CAIRO_EXTEND_REFLECT); it will not render correctly at all.


I was also wondering, since I noticed that Cairo v1.3.10 uses the Win32
AlphaBlend() function, if that means that WinNT & Win95 are no longer
supported (since they don't export this function from GDI32.DLL)? That would
be a shame if they weren't supported anymore. I wonder, would it be better
to have Cairo check whether GDI32.DLL exports AlphaBlend() and dynamically
get the function address and use it if supported, otherwise just fall back
to something else?


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