[cairo] Improving Cairo performance on the N800

Mirco Müller macslow at bangang.de
Fri Jan 19 04:07:40 PST 2007

Am Montag, den 15.01.2007, 21:48 -0800 schrieb Daniel Amelang:

> - Write a new Cairo backend that targets OpenVG, since the PowerVR MBX
> has fully-accelerated OpenVG rendering. I haven't found anything about
> OpenVG + Maemo 3.0, so maybe the software infrastructure isn't there
> yet to do this.
> - Something involving the OpenGL capabilities of the MBX. It doesn't
> support shaders, so it would be pretty limited. It does support
> multitexturing, so maybe a poor man's glitz is feasible.
> Any ideas?

	Not really, just want to mention that you'd be my hero, if you do
either of those two suggested things... and boy would I want a N800
then :)

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