[cairo] Create a new backend

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Mon Jan 29 16:24:23 PST 2007

On Mon, 29 Jan 2007 11:31:09 -0300, "german rodriguez" wrote:
> Please some body help me!! :'(

Did you not get my reply to your earlier message? You can view that in
the list archives here:


> My idea is to create a surface for Qt since I have a device which only has this.

I'm not really sure that you'd get a lot of benefit from layering
cairo on top of Qt in general, (Qt has it's own multi-backend drawing
layer). Is there a particular Qt backend you would want to be using?
If so, there might be a simpler way to connect it to one of cairo's
existing backends.

Perhaps you could describe in more detail exactly what it is you're
trying to accomplish?

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