[cairo] Cairo 1.3 performance loss

Daniel Amelang daniel.amelang at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 14:02:11 PST 2007

On 1/30/07, Jorn Baayen <jorn at openedhand.com> wrote:
> 1.3.8 sees a 1.15x text drawing speedup wrt 1.3.6 (which performs about
> the same as 1.2.4) -- probably due to Behdad's show_glyphs rework. With
> 1.3.10 text drawing sees a 0.89x slowdown. I'll trace down what exactly
> causes this (hopefully) tomorrow.

One thing comes to mind: Behdad fixed a bug in 1.3.10 (I think) that
added an extra check before enabling a show_glyphs optimization (in
cairo-gstate somewhere). It is possible that the 1.3.6 was faster
because it used this optimization where it really shouldn't have.

Sorry for not providing specifics. I have to take off right now. I can
get you more later if you need it.


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